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When looking at TV shows, movies, commercials, magazines, billboards, and we see the selection of clothing we see being worn, it is easy to conclude that our culture has an obsession with sexuality.  What does the Bible say?  We've already seen Matthew 5:28:

Matthew 5:28 “But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”


See the other verses listed here:

To see the importance in the way a woman dresses and how this effects guys, check the first link below.  To see information about studies showing scientific evidence about how guys view a woman when she doesn't dress modestly, check the second link below.

What Guys Think About Modesty Modesty Part II  - CJ Mahaney

Can Modesty Make a Comeback? - The Evolution of the Swimsuit

“When a woman veils her body in modest clothing, she is not hiding herself from men. On the contrary, she is revealing her dignity to them.” 

This great quote and others, showing the value of a Godly woman, are at this link:


Guys, after you've watched the videos at these links, please don’t get the idea that you are excused from taking any responsibility for what you allow yourself to see and your thoughts about a woman who may not be dressed modestly.  You must exercise every effort to not see women as objects. 

The evangelistic preacher Billy Graham said,

“You may not be able to help the first look, but you can help the second look.” 

This means that we may not always be able to help the first glimpse of images; whether a billboard, a magazine ad or similar, or a woman dressed in revealing and/or very form fitting attire.  However, we are responsible for what we do with the second look, whether we will choose to look away or continue looking, continue looking and entertaining thoughts not glorifying to God.

Now guys, when I refer to the second look, I’m not indicating that there is necessarily a point where you look away and then comes the second look.  The second look happens immediately after that very first moment when you realize that continuing looking or looking back will bring thoughts of lust, or will cause you to look at that woman as an object rather than a person God created, and who He has made in His image.

And don’t start to think that once you are older or married that you won’t have to worry about the visual impact a woman can have if she is dressed in certain attire.  You will always need to be vigilant.  In his message Every Man’s Battle, (39 mins into Pt.1), Jay Wegter talks about one of the founders of the Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer.  He recounts a story that Dr. Chafer told him.  While Dr. Chafer was walking down the longest hallway of the seminary with a young male student, Dr. Chafer realized that he and the student were going to have to walk the length of this longest hallway just a few feet behind a woman wearing a skin-tight leotard.  The young student said to Dr. Chafer who was in his 80s,

“Boy Dr. Chafer. It will sure be great to reach that age where that type of thing won’t bother me.”

Dr. Chafer replied, “It sure will.” 

Every Man’s Battle  -  Jay Wegter  Pt1  Pt2


Guys, this will be a challenge for most of you for your entire life.  This temptation to lust does not go away, and you will need to decide every day, and usually multiple times each day whether you will control this temptation or allow it to control you.

Ladies, when you think of the description Jay gave of the woman walking in front of Dr. Chafer and the young student, what garments very popular among women could be compared to a skin tight leotard?  Can someone say yoga pants or leggings?  I’m sure they are very comfortable, but so many women are wearing them without realizing the thoughts many guys are having about women wearing them.  It’s certainly not right for any guy to view any woman this way, as you can’t control what a guy thinks.  However, are these the types of thoughts you want a guy to have about you?  Worded another way, what thoughts do you want a guy to have after seeing you; thoughts about your personality, sense of humor, and intellect, or thoughts about the image they have of you in yoga pants or leggings?

My purpose in sharing this information is so that as a woman you will know what many guys are thinking.  If the guy is not a Christian, they don’t really have any reason to control their thoughts and think otherwise, do they?  Ladies, if you like the comfort of these garments but don’t like the idea of some guys thinking of you in the ways I've described, a recommendation could be that you wear a long shirt or similar.   

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