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“Christianity has been successfully attacked and marginalized… because those who professed belief were unable to defend the faith from attack, even though its attackers’ arguments were deeply flawed.”

- William Wilberforce


How would you respond to the following?

Why are you a Christian?

Isn't Christianity just another way to God?

I’ll worry about making a decision when I’m dying

Hasn't science disproved the Bible?

How do you know God exists?


This section covers the reason for and the importance of providing evidences for Christianity and the Bible.  Providing evidences for a belief is called Apologetics, and the person providing evidences is called an Apologist.  There are Christian Apologists, Muslim Apologists, Atheist Apologists, etc.  This guide includes information and links on Christian Apologetics. 

Christian Apologetics came into being out of the need for Christians to defend against the challenges against the claims of Christianity being made by non-Christians.  Being that Christianity makes exclusive claims, “There is a God”, “Jesus is the only way of salvation”, etc., some non-Christians take offense and make challenges against these and other claims of Christianity.

It is important to realize that the effectiveness of Apologetics is not just in giving people evidences for Christianity, but often in the way the evidence is presented.  If you have not yet read through the section on Worldviews, I cover why a person’s worldview is a major factor in how they view the evidence.  If you have not read that section yet, I encourage you to do so. 

Apologetics is effective not only because of evidences, but also in how you present the evidences as well as the character we convey.  The reason the presentation of the evidences is so important, is because evidences can sometimes be presented in more than one way.  As indicated in the Worldview  section, the same evidence will be used to support both of the opposite sides of an issue. 

One example of the same evidence being used to support two different positions is with Evolution and Creation.  Some of the evidences are the strata layers in geologic formations and the fossils found in the strata layers.  Evolutionists present the evidence of strata layers in geologic formations in such a way that they support long time frames necessary for Evolution.  Creationists present strata layers in geologic formations in such a way that they support the layers forming quickly and trapping organisms quickly as evidence of a global flood. 

The websites for the next section show the same evidence being used to support two opposite positions, in this instance, the positions of evolution and creationism.  We have the same evidence but two different explanations with two different conclusions.

This section also includes The Impact of our Character as we share the evidences for Christianity with others and the Reasons to Learn Evidences for Christianity

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