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Decision Making

Throughout life we will make choices.  Choices about both minor and major things.  Similar to the examples indicated previously with my sons, as to money and time, choices in other areas of life are similar.  When we make a certain choice, we are automatically choosing against alternate choices.  This applies whether the choice is a good choice or bad choice. 

It’s easy to rely on others to make decisions and actually do something, but is this what God wants?  A few quotes on Christians being involved,

“Men make plans, boys make excuses”

"If not me, then who?  If not here, then where? 

If not now, then when?"

So how do we determine whether a choice is good or bad?  When we remember how God loves us and wants the best for us, it is easier to recognize that the choices which are in line with God’s will are the good choices, and those outside God’s will are bad choices.  So how do we best determine what God’s will is?

Similar to the previous saying about the Bible,

"The Bible will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from the Bible",

a saying about decision making could be,

“The Bible will keep you from poor decision making or poor decision making will keep you from the Bible.”


There are many verses in the Bible showing the principles for making Godly Biblical decisions.  What determines your motivation as to the decisions you will make?  How do you determine:

  • The music you will listen to,

  • The movies you will watch,

  • The company you keep, etc.? 


Often, we make decisions because of others and sometimes wanting to impress them.  Have you ever done this?  I know I have.  When making decisions, who should we look toward to help us make the final decision, your friends, the world or God?  As Christians, it is important to realize who we should be trying to please in the decisions we make.  The following quotes should motivate you,

“We are living for an audience of One"

“A delayed obedience is disobedience”

As well, are you a Christian primarily on Sundays, or do you show evidences of being a Christian throughout the week?

"What happens during the week is the difference between a disciple and an attender"   J.D. Greear

Not a Fan Week 1

Are you a fan or a follower of Jesus?


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