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Recommended Audio,

Video, and Books


Expelled No Intelligence Allowed


Louie Giglio:

   How Great Is Our God


   Unthinkable You             

   When God Breaks Through

Check other videos by Louie Giglio on YouTube and Bing Videos


Lee Strobel:

   The Case for a Creator     

   The Case for Christ           

   The Case for Faith

   The Case for the Real Jesus

   The Case for the Resurrection

   The Case for Grace


Additional Videos:

Icons of Evolution      

The Privileged Planet  

God of Wonders             

Unlocking the Mystery of Life

Signature in the Cell           



God’s not Dead - Argument Scenes

The Signs of God's Existence

NW Creation Videos     

Summit Lectures

      Evolution Vs. God

The Visual Bible

Gospel of John                        

Gospel of Matthew                   

Gospel of Mark (audio)            

Gospel of Luke                         

The Book of Acts                   


The Jesus Film                      

The Passion of the Christ   -  video segments     "The+passion+of+the+christ"



   Facing the Canon with Philip Yancey

   Facing the Canon with Michael Ramsden


Recommended Podcasts/Apps


Youth Apologetics Training

   Also at:


Sharing Christ Podcast


How to Share Your Faith Podcast


Christian Worldview Thinking


Lists of Recommended Books for Apologetics


Sites With Books Available To Read Online

(subjects searched for will return links to print, audio, and video resources.)


Online Audiobooks

   Knowing God – JC Ryle

   Holiness – JC Ryle


Debates -

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