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Note: In addition to the sites already indicated in this guide, many of the following sites have information from more than just the category they are listed in here.  While in a site, make time to look around.

Apologetics – Defending the Truths of Christianity

Acts17 Apologetics

Alpha and Omega Ministries

Always Be Ready

Apologetics 315

Apologetics 315 Blog Directory

Apologetic Junkie

Apologetics Guy

Apologetics Press

Be Thinking

Bible-Science Guy

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

Think Apologetics

The Christian Arsenal

Christian Ministries International

Cold Case Christianity

Come Reason Ministries

Compelling Truth

Creation Ministries International

Cross Examined

Christian Apologetics Aliance

Christian Research Institute

Evangelism Intervarsity

Every Student

The Evidence Bible 

Download the full NewTestament, Psalms, and Proverbs for free

Explore God

God: New Evicence

Dr. Gary Habermas

Evidence For God From Science

In Plain Site

Impact Apologetics

Institute of Biblical Defense

Ironman Apologetics

Institute For Religeous Research

Jonathan Morrow

Know What You Believe  (offline currently) 

Let Us Reason Ministries

North American Mission Boaard

Reasonable Faith

Reasons To Believe

Risen Jesus

Science and Faith

Simple Apologetics

Sound Doctrine Ministries

Stand To Reason

Strange Notions

Summit Ministries

Tekton Education and Apologetics

The Poached Egg

Thinking Christian

Tough Questions Answered

Truthbomb Apologetics

Truthbomb Apologetics - Resource Arsenal

Youth Apologetic Network

Free Online Apologetics Training

31 Actions to Advance Apologetics

Apologetics Courses

Apologetics Press : Home Study Courses​

Our Daily Bread - Christian University 

(click "Course Options"-"Free Courses")

C.S.Lewis Institute - Basic Apologetics Course

Free Bible Studies

Free Courses

Stand To Reason

The Gospel Coalition

Youth Apologetics Training



Online Schools and Education

The following are online schools and other educational sites which are not specifically apologetic, but appear to offer a number of free courses and/or instruction in theology and relates subjects.

Trinity School

International Seminary for Distance Education in Theology Theology Program

Biblical Training

Worldview Weekend Online Academy (some links bad)

Apologetics and Evangelism Training - Wes Moore

Apologia Studios - YouTube Channel

Can You Defend Your Faith? Apologetics and Biblical Literacy

Defending Your Faith – R C Sproul – 25 part video series

C.S.Lewis Institute - Basic Apologetics Course

Apologetics Conferences and Events

Cold Case Christianity Training Videos

Christ Centered Lessons

Summit Lecture Series

Prager University

Answers to Christianity’s Critics

Reclaiming the Mind Ministries

The Usual Suspects- Responses to "Notable" Skeptics

Answering Christianity’s Critics - Pt.1 and Pt.2​

Contending With Christianity's Critics

Answering Bible Critics

Answering Christ’s Critics

Academia’s Asinine Assault on the Bible

Countering the Critics Questions and Answers

Comprehensive Sites - Sites covering Many Topics

Apologetics 315 - Extensive site

Apologetic Junkie

Be Thinking

The Centre for Christian Apologetics  

Discovery Series


My Wise Generation - Great collection of audio resources

Stand To Reason

Sean McDowell

Thinking Matters

Tough Questions Answered

Truth Accoording To Scripture

Truthbomb Apologetics - Extensive site  

Country, Cultural, and Current Events


Cults  (links in right column)




Sites with Audio & Video

Many free audio downloads from Greg Koukl.

Search for other authors messages also.              

(check free video and audio)  

(Shows incredible scale of Universe) 

(links in “Worldview Resources)   

                  - Great collection of audio resources 

(Click Audio then FFFC Catalogs)       

(links in right column)                                                      


Survey of Christian Apologetics

12 part video presentation by the Clear Thinking Christianity YouTube channel



Sharing The Truths of Christianity       



Sites to Get You Thinking Deeper                      






(Listing of organizations with information about worldviews)          

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