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Evidence For Creation/Evolution


How The Same Evidence Can Be Used

To Support Two Contradictory Beliefs. 

It's The Explanation Of The Evidence

That's The Difference. 

Which Explanation

Sounds The Most Reasonable?


Evidences Presented In Support of Evolution

Evolutionists claim that the strata layers seen in locations like the Grand Canyon formed slowly over millions of years, with the less complex organisms found in the lower strata layers and the more evolved organisms found in the upper strata layers.  I believe the following link gives a basic but accurate representation of the Evolutionary explanation of the strata layers and fossils being evidence for long geologic times.  If you've not seen a presentation regarding the age of the earth before, I think these videos are a fair and accurate representation of the Evolutionary explanation.

Rock Layers: Timeline of Life on Earth

What Are Fossils And How Do They Form

Here are a few question to think about in reference to long ages being evidenced by strata layers and fossils: 

Have there been examples of strata layers forming slowly that have been observed, providing verification to this explanation? 

Has strata layering ever been observed to happen quickly challenging the Evolutionary explanation of long geologic times?

How is the age of the layers and fossils determined in the Evolutionary explanation of long geologic times?

If slowly forming strata layers are an explanation of Evolution, then why do many of the types of fossils look the same as current living organisms if the fossilized examples of the animals died millions of years ago?

Evidences Presented In Support of Creationism

Creationists claim that the strata layers and the fossils are evidence of creationism and that the strata layers formed very quickly through the rapid laying down of rock layers by water through a global flood.  Creationist argue that fossils can’t form over long time frames in the method described by Evolutionists because the pre-fossilized organisms would decompose and be consumed by predators long before they could be buried in a very slowly forming strata layer, and then fossilized.

Think about the questions above applied to the Creation explanation.

Have there been examples of strata layers forming quickly that have been observed, providing verification to this explanation? 

Has strata layering ever been observed to happen slowly, challenging the Creation explanation?

How is the age of the layers and fossils determined in the Creation explanation of short time frames?

How do the many types of fossils which look the same as current living organisms support the Creation explanation?


How long did it take to form Grand Canyon?

Is Evolution accurate science or concealed humanistic propaganda?

I Got Excited at Mount St Helens!

Mount St. Helens: Explosive Evidence for Young Earth Creation

One of the commenters of the last link, Edgardo Bassi, commented:

“A religious creatard explaining science? You are an idiot.”

It’s interesting that this commenter refers to the speaker in the video as being a “Creatard” (Creationist Retard), and questions the validity of the speaker being a scientist and being able to explain science. 

Another commenter:

“The guy in the clip is a scientist? Coal made in 30 years? You are or an idiot or a liar. At your own choice.... “


Remember earlier where we looked at the practice of some people calling other people names when they dislike the conclusions other people offer?  This is often done because they have no argument to respond to the position presented by the person they are disagreeing with.  This is unfortunately somewhat common, and you will see times when one person doesn't have a response to the other person’s argument that they will start attacking the person rather than offer a logical counter arguments to answer the person’s arguments.

The commenter above uses this practice of attacking Dr. Austin’s degree because Dr. Austin's conclusions don’t agree with the commenter's conclusions. It isn't enough for some to believe different.  They feel the need to attack the person while not producing any kind of credible response of reasons and evidence.  Dennis Prager spoke at Colorado State University.  In the following video of his presentation he indicates at 3 minutes a significant reason that names are used by those they disagree with is: "The labels are used so that one doesn't have to interact with ideas" 

Dennis Prager at CSU: Why America Needs Traditional Values to Thrive

The following links show the credentials of the speaker Steve Austin.   

Steve Austin - Bio

Here’s a video showing an Evolutionist scientist claiming that Creationist scientists aren't scientists, because they come up with conclusions different than Evolutionists.

Shortest Scientist vs Creationist debate ever.

Note:  I’m not implying that all or even most Evolutionary scientists do this, but it is important to realize that there are some who do. They believe that only evolutionary explanations are credible explanations and that Creationist explanations do not need to be taken seriously because “Creation Science is not real science”.  Most who believe like this won’t even consider the evidence a Creation scientist presents because the evidence is presented by a Creationist.  It is also important to realize that Christians are not innocent doing this.  If you as a Christian choose to call names of others holding views opposite yours, you do injustice to your credibility, Christianity, and other Christians.

The following video shows how to simulate the forming of strata layers quickly by using a jar, water, and some dirt.  I call it Noah’s Flood in a jar.  I worked doing soil compaction testing on construction sites some years ago, and this was a recommended method to see the approximate makeup of the soil as to the amount of clay to silt to sand.

Testing Soil for Clay Content

How Fast?

The first video below shows how circular reasoning is used by Evolutionists to date fossils and strata layers.  The 2nd and 3rd videos are by Evolutionists demonstrating the circular-reasoning mentioned in the first video.

Circular Reasoning In Evolutionary Geology

How Creationism Taught Me Real Science

16 The Geological Column

17 Radiometric Dating

How Do We Know How Old Fossils Are?

Age, Rocks, and Index Fossils.mp4

The following links show what are referred to as Polystrate Fossils.  Polystrate fossils are those fossils which cross between two or more strata layers.  Creationists point out that for the item to be fossilized, it would need to be buried quickly.  Since the part of the organism that extended beyond the lowest strata layer would have been exposed to the elements and not buried for hundreds and thousands or years, they wouldn’t have survived to be fossilized over millions of years as claimed by Evolutionists.

Polystrate Fossils

The following video by an Evolutionist shows a well thought out Evolutionary explanation of how polystrate tree fossils could have formed over long time frames.  I don’t hold to the conclusion that the narrator of the video presents, as the conclusion presented is not presented with verifications or evidences.  As such, it is only an explanation.  I have included it to show an example of a person using a credible argument rather than name calling, and I commend the person for this. Calling names never makes as effective an argument as a well thought out reasoned response, and we shouldn’t call names.  I would like to add that many and possibly all scientific explanations start out without evidences.  It is as we find evidences that we are then able to validate, invalidate, or revise an explanation.

     How Creationism Taught Me Real Science 04 Polystrate Trees

My apologies at the length of this example of evidences being used to support opposing beliefs in this section, but I wanted to make sure that you had an effective example of the same evidences used to support two opposing beliefs.  I believe this shows why Apologetics is necessary and why the way the evidences are presented is almost as important as the evidences themselves.  You might call it my Apologetic for Apologetics.

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