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Never Existed

One of the challenging statements that has been disproved but still claimed by the uninformed is "Jesus Never Existed".  Evidence that this is still believed by more than a small percentage of people was a poll taken in England and reported in September 2015, indicating that 40% of those surveyed believe Jesus was just a mythical figure.

Two in five think Jesus is a mythical figure


Obviously, if Jesus never existed, then none of the evidence presented for His existence has any validity and doesn't need to be considered. As with all claims, claims are always easier to make then to prove.

The links below will enable you to research answers to this claim. Answers to this claim are also covered in more detail in the Jesus sub-section of the Evidences For Christianity section, as well as additional links. The reason I cover this in more detail in the Jesus sub-section is so that you have the opportunity to read the sub-sections on Truth, the evidences for God, and the evidences for the Bible being from God. After reading through the information in just these three sections, you will see the strength of the evidence for the existence of Jesus, and also how improbable the truth of this claim is.

Here are a few of the links with information answering this claim:

Did Jesus really exist?

Did Jesus really exist?

Is there evidence for Jesus outside the Bible?

Is There Proof Outside of the Bible that Jesus Existed?

Scholarly opinions on the Jesus Myth

Did Jesus Exist? Searching for Evidence Beyond the Bible

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