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One of the most important things you can do for your own growth as a Christian is to be involved in a Bible believing church which provides solid Biblical teaching.  I've heard more than a few Christians when asked indicate that that they didn't need to go to church to be saved, and that they were just fine.


From the standpoint of being saved by Jesus’ payment for our sin and our going to an eternity in Heaven, that is true.  Others mistakenly believe that attending a church makes one a Christian.  Going through the previous Salvation section should effectively answer that misunderstanding.

Even though being involved in a church isn't required for salvation, being involved in a healthy Biblically based church provides significant benefits for us as Christians.  It provides the opportunity to assemble with others of similar mindset, be encouraged by them, be an encouragement to them, and provides for us a resource for learning and growing as Christians.  Being involved also provides an opportunity to serve and be accountable in our Christian life.  Without this connection to a healthy church, the distractions of the world give us a distorted view of life and what is really important, and the temptations of the world create competition for our focus on Christ.

Something to think about if you are feeling that you don't need to go to church.  Is this thinking about yourself or others?  As God has designed the meeting together of believers for the mutual benefit of those believers, to choose not to be involved means that you aren't thinking of others.  In the Relationships section, you will see the high importance God places on relationships and our thinking of others. 

Acts 20:35 ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’ 

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