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Challenging to Christians

This section covers prominent cultural issues with which many of us as Christians have found ourselves tongue tied when in conversations with others.  This is usually because we don’t know the Biblical position, nor how to effectively explain and defend the Biblical position.  Often it is when we are pressed to give a yes or no answer to a question such as,

Is _____ a sin?” 


As you saw earlier with the question, “If I don’t accept Christ, am I going to hell?” a single word answer isn’t an effective reply to most of these types of questions people ask.  As well, even if you are a Christian, you may wonder and even disagree with the Bible indicating certain things as sin.  This is usually due to the influence of the culture and the well sounding arguments affecting our limited perspectives.

When we find ourselves thinking contrary to what the Bible indicates as right and wrong, it is good remind ourselves about many of the things which our culture now accepts and how that cultural shift may have influenced us.  Many of these accepted things were not accepted by our culture even 50 years ago; whether abortion, homosexuality, adultery, etc.   

Are we really going to believe that this God who knows everything and created the entire Universe out of nothing got it wrong for the thousands of years before the last 50?  Or could it be that we have bought into what the culture says is right. 

It has been proven that if a person is told something repeatedly for a long enough period of time, they will start to accept it as true, even if it isn’t.  Remember John Stockstill’s question to one of his congregation working at the video store which rented adult videos? 

”Does it bother you that it doesn’t bother you anymore?” 

With the cultural standards on many issues even in just in the last 50 years, Isaiah 5:20 seems to be a very accurate observation.

Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call good evil, and evil good”. 

When those who have done this are standing in front of God after this life, how do you think they will be judged?    

If after checking out these subjects and sites you realize that you have things in your life that you now realize are sin according to God, God wants to forgive you.  If you are hesitant to call on him because you are ashamed, remember, there is nothing in your past that he doesn't already know about.  He knew about it before you ever sinned, before you were ever born.  While he won’t always take away the consequences of our sin, he wants to forgive us and relieve us of the guilt we are experiencing. 

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