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I Can’t Believe In A God

Who Would Create Me Knowing I Would Sin,

and Then Punish Me For Sin

He Knew I Would Commit.


A close friend said this to me some time ago.  When my friend made the statement it took me by surprise and I didn't have an answer at that time.  I spent the next months seriously considering their objection, because I knew they were honest and sincere, and I really wanted to understand why they felt the way they did.


I have included it in this section so that you know the objection is considered and addressed in this site. The reason I am not covering this objection fully here is that the statement touches on a few of the different sections detailed later in this guide. I believe that it is important to have read through the sections on TRUTH, EVIL and SUFFERING, and EVIDENCES to gain a more complete perspective to better appreciate this challenge and be able to better understand the concerns of a person raising this objection.  Reading through these sections will also enable you to provide a much more reasoned answer to the person raising the objection.

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To see the complete answer to this "I can't believe in a God" objection, click the following link

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