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Other Religions



This section will provide you with links to be able to learn about the beliefs of other religions.  Remember that whatever belief system is true, any belief system that contradicts the true belief system is false.  Remember also that you don’t need detailed information on the different belief systems to evaluate them, you only need to know how they differs from each other and from Christianity.  These links will provide you with the information showing many of the differences. 

I have also added sites at the bottom showing the reasons why Christianity is different from all other religions, and why these differences make it worth considering.

Comparative Religion

The Big Religion Chart

Craig Hazen: Christ and the Challenge of World Religions - Biola University Chapel

Why Jesus Among Other Gods?

Was the Jesus story copied from ancient myths?


What Sets Christianity Apart From All Other Religions?

How is Christianity Any Different Than Other Religions?

What makes Christianity unique?

Why Christianity vs Other Faiths

How do you know that Christianity is the one true worldview?

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