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Current Government Actions With the Potential To Affect Christians  

If you watch the news, there seems to be an increase of stories about what is happening in the government and what is happening in education.  Many of these situations have the potential to affect Christians and their rights.


One example of this is in Houston where the Mayor subpoenaed the last three years of sermons from 5 different pastors, with another article indicating the subpoena of their email and phone conversations as well.  The controversy stems from an ordinance which passed in Houston.  One of the provisions of the ordinance allows for any person, including adult, who feels they are the opposite gender, to use the bathroom of that opposite gender.


In California, the legislature passed AB1266 that was signed by Governor Jerry Brown that went into law January 2014.  The purpose of the law is explained as being to help reduce bullying and discrimination against transgender students.  The new law gives students the right:

"to participate in sex-segregated programs, activities and facilities"

based on their self-perception and regardless of their birth gender.


So, any child from kindergarten through 12th grade can decide which gender identity they prefer and use the sports teams and bathrooms that correspond.  Can you imagine having a 9th grade daughter, and a 12th grade student who was born male but identifies as female will be able to use the locker-room at the same time?

California's transgender-student law: Kids can choose bathrooms, sports teams


A friend who works at one of the local high schools mentioned to me the wording of an announcement for soccer tryouts she heard announced over the PA.  This is part of the speaker’s message,

“Any male, or if you identify yourself as male . . .”


The following websites have up to date information about efforts by the government and public education affecting Christians and other people of faith.                                                     

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