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Apologetic Study Bible - Questions 

(Non-Student Version)

Similar to the Apologetic Study Bible for Students, the following is the list of questions which are in the non-student edition of the Apologetic Study Bible.  As many of the questions are similar between the Student and Non-Student versions, I've only included the list and not the links.  If you are interested, you can search for answers to these questions as I did and included the links for the Student edition.


Can we still believe in demons today?
What is apologetics?
How can modern medicine relate to the Old Testament?
Is the New Testament Trustworthy?
Are the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses compatible with the Bible?
The Trinity: is it possible that God can be both one and three?
Does science support the Bible?
Can a Christian have assurance of salvation?
How can Jesus’ death bring forgiveness?
Does the Bible teach there is a purgatory?
Is Mormonism compatible with the Bible?
Is God a male?
Intellectuals who found God
What about those who have never heard about Christ?
How should a Christian relate to the New Age movement?
Are the days of Genesis to be interpreted literally?
How should a Christian understand the age of the earth controversy?
What does the Bible say about abortion?
What does the Bible say about euthanasia?
Isn’t logic arbitrary?

Was Israel’s religion unique in its ancient context?
Can biblical chronology be trusted?
Can God’s actions be detected scientifically?
Is psychology biblical?
How should a Christian relate to culture?
How should a Christian understand the role of government?
Can something be true for you and not true for me?
Who are you to judge others?
Isn’t that just your interpretation?
But isn’t Christianity intolerant?
Does the moral argument show there is a God?
What is natural law?
How should we handle unresolved questions about the Bible?
Does the New Testament misquote the Old Testament?
Why would a good God send people to an everlasting Hell?
Aren’t religious beliefs just reflecting where one was raised?
Does the Bible teach reincarnation?
If God made the Universe, who made God?
How does Christianity relate to other Eastern religions?
Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

How can the Bible affirm both divine sovereignty and human freedom?
Does the Design Argument show there is a God?
How can we know anything at all?
Why so many denominations?
Does the Bible really contain no errors?
Does the Bible affirm Open Theism?
How can God have all power and be loving and yet there be evil?
Does the Bible support the idea of a just war?
How can we know the Bible includes the correct books?
Has the Bible been accurately copied through the centuries?
Can religious experience show there is a God?
How should a Christian relate to those in non-Christian movements and religions?
How should a Christian understand Postmodernism?
How does Christianity relate to Bahai?
Are Jesus’ claims unique in the religions of the world?
What about Holy war?
Why the disciples’ conviction they saw the risen Jesus establishes the historicity of the resurrection?
Is the transformation of Jesus’ disciples different from the founders of other religions?
Can Naturalist theories adequately account for the resurrection?

Are biblical miracles imitations of pagan myths?
How does the Holy Spirit relate to evidence for Christianity?
What should a Christian think about near death experiences?
How should a Christian deal with doubt?
Is there evidence for life after death?
Aren’t all religions basically the same?
How does the Bible relate to Judaism?
Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?
Does the Bible demean women?
Evolution: Fact or Fantasy?
Is the Old Testament trustworthy?
Didn’t the church oppose Galileo?
Does the Bible teach the abuse of nature?
Does the Bible affirm that animals have rights?
Just what is divine revelation?
What do you mean that God inspired the Bible?
Why does God hide himself?
Are biblical genealogies reliable?
Is the Bible sexually oppressive?
Does the Bible provide guidance regarding human cloning?

Could the gospel writers withstand the scrutiny of a lawyer?
Does the Cosmological argument show there is a God?
Does the argument from mind show there is a God?
How should a Christian relate to a Scientific Naturalist?
Does the Bible teach that humans are more than their bodies?
How does one develop a Christian mind?
What are the Laws of Logic?
What is the relationship between science and the Bible?
More evidence for life after death
What are self-defeating statements?
Does the Bible teach Annihilation-ism?
What does the Bible teach about human beings?
What is a worldview?
Are miracles believable?
Aren't the gospels the product of Greek thinking?
The Incarnation: is it possible that God could become man without ceasing to be God?
How does the Bible relate to Islam?
Does the Bible provide ethical guidance for business?
What does the Bible teach about homosexuality?
Does the Bible provide guidance regarding genetic engineering?

What does the Bible really teach about angels?
Are Scientology and the Bible compatible?
What does it mean to say ‘Jesus is Messiah’?
Don’t Christian missionaries impose their culture on others?
Has Christianity been a bad influence on history?
Has historical biblical criticism proven the Bible false?
Are Christian science and the Bible compatible?
Can God make a stone so big He can’t lift it?
Can the gospel be presented across cultures?
Does the Bible teach that everyone will be saved?
What about ‘Gospels’ not in our New Testament?
Is the Old Testament ethical?
How does Christianity relate to Hinduism?
How does Christianity relate to Buddhism?

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