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If you are a Christian student and you are planning to go to college after high school, statistics indicate that you have a 70% probability of no longer believing that Christianity is true, and this before you finish your freshmen year of college!  The probability increases to 85% before you finish your senior year!

If you are not planning on going to college, you still have a 61% probability of no longer believing that Christianity is true after high school.

Does this concern you?

With such a high percentage initially believing Christianity is true, and then not believing not too long after high school, do you think that most Churches and youth groups are educating their students on actual evidences for what they believe or preparing their students to effectively answer the challenges to their beliefs, challenges which they will face starting in and after high school? 

Statistics confirming this also show that if you are a Christian student who learns evidences for the truths of Christianity you have a greater than 95% probability of still believing the truths of Christianity after high school. 

If you have ever wondered what evidences exist supporting Christianity, please read on and examine some of the evidences presented which demonstrate the truth of Christianity.

You may be thinking that my concern is primarily about whether a person will continue to believe in Christianity, like staying in a club.  It is not.  My concern is that a person would be convinced to believe something that isn't the truth, and the implications of that decision.  As you will see later in this guide, the decision isn't similar to whether chocolate or vanilla ice cream is better. The decision is much closer to whether insulin or chocolate ice cream is the best treatment of diabetes. One tastes better and makes you feel better short term, but is it the best decision long term?

The decision isn't about what we like, but what is true.  What we decide in matters of what is true can sometimes have tragic outcomes.  And once we leave this life, the decision we have made is final and irreversible. 



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