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Economics and Politics

These two subjects have many related points and they are sometimes controversial issues for Christians, especially in recent years where politics has become quite polarizing.  The way that these subjects are related is that political decisions usually have an effect on the economies of both the States as well as the Nation, and this can ultimately affect our own personal economies.  As in every area of life, worldviews impact economic and political decisions as well. 


Considering there have really only been two political philosophies for the last decades, there is confusion among Christians as to which system is most consistent with the Bible as it relates to economics.  Some believe that a Socialistic system is more consistent with the truths of Christianity.  They claim that since Jesus called for helping the poor and downcast, Socialism is the most consistent with the teachings of the Bible.  Others believe a Capitalistic system is more in line with the truths of Christianity, because Jesus spoke against theft, and if the government takes from you to give to others then that is theft.  There are aspects of both systems which are consistent with the Bible, and aspects which are not.  The links below will give you greater insight into the teachings of the Bible pertaining to economics.


With politics, the philosophies of the two primary political parties have resulted in different outcomes in the past, with both having significant economic results.  As with economics, there have been aspects of both which are consistent with the Bible and aspects which are not.  Additional considerations are whether or not it is Biblical to be involved in the political process, and whether we should vote or even run for political office.  There are those both inside and outside the church who argue for Christians to be involved or not be involved in politics. 




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Socialism is an economic system often promoted as most consistent with the Bible. It is interesting that Socialism calls for public rather than private ownership or control of property and natural resources. Public ownership can only be accomplished by the State taking private property to "give" to everyone.  The eighth commandment reads 'Thou shall not steal'.  If your property can be 'stolen', that shows ownership.  So, if the Bible commands against stealing, can it condone the taking of property by the state regardless of the intent of the taking of the property?  This major aspect of Socialism is in obvious conflict with the Bible.


At the time I’m writing this small section, a presidential candidate is running on a position promoting Socialism, and is fairly popular.  Considering his popularity, it is clear that many people believe that changing from a Capitalistic to a Socialistic economic system would be a positive change for our country. 


“We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.” - Nikita Khrushchev 1959.

Considering aspects of Socialism which can be clearly demonstrated as above to be opposite the Bible, can it be Biblical?

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Politics has become increasingly volatile for Christians to express an opinion about, or for them to even be involved in.  Many people are calling more and more issues “Political”, with the effect being that Christians are left feeling that they have to be less involved, believing the phrase “Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics or political issues.” 


Politicians are the people whose job it is to make and pass laws.  As Christians, we are to be about the job of changing hearts.  We should realize that establishing and changing laws without changing hearts only changes the behavior of a person and not their heart.  Changing the behavior of people through laws is important, but long term change only comes through changing hearts.


So, how do we navigate this subject from a Christian standpoint, what are the facts, and what is the Biblical involvement we can or should have as Christians?  Hopefully through this sub-section you will become much more knowledgeable and be able to make decisions more in line with the Bible.

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