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This is the second half of the questions out of the Apologetic Study Bible For Students.


Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers?


What Does the Bible Teach about Satan?


Why Would a Good God Send People to Hell?


Was Jonah Really Swallowed by a Big Fish?


What about the Crusades?


Should Christians Care about the Environment?


How Were People Saved before Christ?


Why Do Catholics Have More Books in Their Bible?


If God Already Knows What We Need, Then Why Pray?


What Does the Bible Say about Demons?


Why Are Some Christians Hypocrites? – Ryan Sharp



If There Is Such Good Evidence for God, Then Why Don’t More People Believe?


How Can I Make Sense of the Trinity?


Did the Apostles Report Jesus’ Words Accurately?


Is It Okay to Have Doubts?


Does the Bible Contain Errors?


What Does the Bible Teach about Angels?


How Do I Know Jesus Even Existed?


What’s the Problem with Judging Others?


Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?


What Do Mormons Believe?


Is Jesus the Only Way?


Did Jesus Claim to Be God?


Are There “Lost” Gospels that Were Left Out of the Bible?


Who Is the Holy Spirit?


Can Something Be True for You, but Not True for Me? – Dillon Burroughs


What about Those Who Have Never Heard of Jesus?


Don’t Religious Beliefs Just Reflect Where One Was Raised?


What is the Connection between Christianity and Judaism?


Is Homosexuality Natural?


How Can a Person Get Into Heaven?


How Can I Be Sure That I Am Saved? 


Does What I Think Really Matter?


Why Should I Wait Until Marriage to Have Sex?


How Do We Know the Bible includes the Right Books?


If God Made Everything Good, Why Shouldn’t I Smoke Pot?


What Are the Crucial Differences between Muhammad and Jesus?

Is There Evidence for Life after Death?


How should a Christian relate to culture?


What makes christianity unique?


Why are there so many denominations?


How do I share my faith?


How Can Jesus Be God and Man?


If God Made the Universe, Then Who Made God?


Aren’t All Religions Basically the Same?


What Do Buddhists Believe?


What Does It Mean that God “Inspired” the Bible?


Can God Make a Rock So Big That He Can’t Lift It? – Alex McFarland


Does the Bible Endorse Slavery?


What is the Core of the Biblical Worldview?


Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?


Does the Bible Teach Reincarnation?

Can People Who Commit Suicide Go to Heaven?


Should Christians Be Tolerant?


What Is Apologetics?


Is the New Testament Reliable?


Is Christianity a Copycat Religion?


Are the Teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses Compatible with the Bible?


What Does the Bible Teach about Purgatory?


What Is Heaven Like?

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