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While I have not had the privilege to learn from all of the extensive teachings of all of the teachers listed, due to limited time, I have been blessed by many of their teachings and know them to be very sound teachers.  This is confirmed by their association with and recommendation by other sound teachers.  Remember though, you’ll want to be like the Berean Jews in any particular subject area, and check what is being taught and compare it to the Bible.

Besides the main website listed for each speaker, you can search for additional resources by these teachers on YouTube, Bing (Bing video), and others.  Use the following search examples:

 “Jay Wegter” audio, “Jay Wegter” articles“, “Jay Wegter” video

(Jay Wegter was one of our Youth Pastor’s excellent professors)


Jay’s audio messages:  (Jay’s website)  (search: Wegter)

Mike Adams         

Randy Alcorn        

Kerby Anderson                            

John Ankerberg

Kay Arthur            

David Barton        

Frank Beckwith     

Michael Behe       

Rob Bowman        

J Budziszewski     

search for: Budziszewski


Charlie H. Campbell

Francis Chan

Chuck Coleson     


Bobby Conway     


Paul Copan          


William Lane Craig


Dinesh D'Souza    


Norman Geisler


Douglas Groothuis


Wayne Grudem


Os Guinness        


Gary Habermas


Ken Ham              


Craig Hazen"craig+hazen"


Phillip Johnson


Tim Keller


Scott Klusendorf   


Greg Koukl"Greg+Koukl"


Peter Kreeft"Peter+Kreeft"


Brett Kunkle


John Lennox"John+Lennox"


C.S. Lewis   "C.S.+Lewis"

Rob Lundberg


John MacArthur


Paul L. Maier"Paul+Maier"


Walter Martin        "Walter+Martin"


Josh McDowell     "Josh+McDowell"


Sean McDowell"Sean+McDowell"


Stephen C. Meyer


Chuck Missler      "Chuck+Missler"


J.P. Moreland       "J.P.+Moreland"


Robert Morey        "Robert+Morey"


Ronald Nash         "Ronald+Nash+"


Nancy Pearcy       


Johnson C. Philip  


Alvin Plantinga"Alvin+Plantinga"


John Polkinghorne"John+Polkinghorne


Amy Orr-Ewing     "Amy+Orr-Ewing"


Michael Ramsden 


Ron Rhodes         "Ron+Rhodes+"


Hugh Ross           "Hugh+Ross"


Ken Samples


Jonathan D. Sarfati"dr.+jonathan+Sarfati"


Francis Schaeffer"Francis+Schaeffer"


Mary Jo Sharp "Mary+Jo+Sharp"


James Sire




Lee Strobel"Lee+Strobel"


Frank Turek


J. Warner Wallace


Jay Wegter


James White


Dallas Willard


100 Christian Apologists


The Veritas Forum


Tactical Faith






Oxfordchristianmind’s Videos


Christianity 9 to 5: Practical Advice for the Other Six Days


Two-Minute Warning: Art of Persuasion - Colson Center

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