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Apologetics Study Bible for Students

This section includes the first half of the questions which are in the Apologetic Study Bible for Students.  The second half of the questions are in the next section.  I believe the questions are very important and are those which many people have a desire to find answers for.  Below each question are links to some of the answers found when you perform an Internet search for the questions.


Questions From the Apologetic Study Bible for Students:


What are Worldviews and why are They Important?


Is Relationship Important in Apologetics?


How Old is the Earth?


If God Knew Adam and Eve Would Sin, Why Did He Put the Tree in the Garden?


What is evolution?


Can We Trust the Old Testament?


What Does The Bible Say About Cloning?


If I Can’t See God, How Do I Know He’s Real?


How Can Jesus’ Death Bring About Forgiveness?


What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?


Same-Sex Marriage: What’s the Big Deal? 

(check the additional links at the bottom of the article)


Can God’s Love Be Reconciled With His Order to Kill The Canaanites?


What’s the Big Deal with Yoga?


Are There Contradictions in the Bible?


Do Psychics Have Supernatural Power?


What Does the Bible Teach about War?


Hasn’t Science Disproved Miracles?


How Do I Choose My Faith?    


What is the New Age Movement?


How Do I Grow Spirituality?


What’s the Big Deal with Astrology?


Does God Want Me to Be Rich?


Why Does God Care about My Entertainment Choices?


Is It OK to Pick and Choose Religious Beliefs and Practices?


Evidence for God: Cosmological Argument


What’ the Big Deal with Wicca?


Can a Christian Believe in Evolution?


Does the Bible Demean Women?


Evidence for God: Biochemistry


Evidence for God: Physics and Astronomy (quotes from scientists)


What Do Hindus Believe?


Is Religion the Cause of Evil in the World?


Has God Spoken?


Do Christianity and Politics Mix?


What Is God Like?


Is God Male?


Why Does God Seem Hidden?


Does the Fossil Record Support Evolution?


So, What Makes the Bible So Special?


What Does the Bible Say about Abortion?

Evidence for God: Beauty


Is Pornography That Bad?


How Do I Know God’s Will for My Life?


Is Alcohol Bad? – Ryan Snuffer


What’s the Big Deal with Gambling?


How Do We Know Jesus Was Born of a Virgin?


How Could Satan Fall if He Was with God?


Evidence for God: DNA


How Important Is Darwinian Evolution?


In What Ways Did Jesus Fulfill Prophecies?


Why Are There So Many Translations of the Bible?


How Do I Talk with Someone of Another Religion?


What’s the Big Deal with Scientology?


Should Abortion Be Allowed for Rape or Incest?


Are UFO’s Real?


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