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Is Just A Crutch

Response idea:

"Can you explain what you mean by a crutch?  Do you mean that Christians are hoping that what they believe is true and resistant to consider believing anything else?  And because of this you believe they they are week and gullible?  What about other views?  What about Atheism for example?  Don't Atheists hope that what they believe is true, and are resistant to consider believing anything else?  Wouldn't that make Atheism a crutch too?  So if they are hoping in what they believe like Christians are hoping in what they believe, then why are they not also considered week and gullible?  And doesn't this apply to every belief system?  So in reality, isn't it not whether someone has a crutch or not but which crutch someone believes in and the evidence for that belief, when we realize that by this definition every belief system is a crutch?"


The statement “Christianity is just a crutch” is usually said to imply that Christians are weak and gullible and that we believe Christianity simply because we want it to be true.  We believe that we need a God because we can’t handle life on our own.  Couldn't the same be said about the beliefs of those who criticize Christianity?  Couldn't we claim “Atheism is just a crutch”, or any other belief as just a crutch also?  After all, it’s really not about whether someone has a crutch, (what the person wants or doesn't want to be true), but which crutch that person is using.

Whether a person is an Atheist, Muslim, Mormon, etc., they want their belief to be true.  Even an Atheist is hoping that their belief that there is no God be true, and they are resting on what they believe.  Everyone, whether a Christian or not, relies on something.  Everyone is basing or supporting the foundation for their life on something.  Do you remember in the section on worldviews, where many will believe the world is a certain way because they want to believe it, and not because of the evidence?


Is faith in God a crutch?

Is Christianity a Crutch?

Is Christianity Just a Crutch?

Is Christianity a Psychological Crutch?

Is God Just a Crutch?

Yes, religion is a crutch for the weak

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